Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tips on how to approach people in the papercraft media/industry offering your samples

Hi everyone, a lovely lady called Caryolynne asked Leonie how to go about approaching either companies or craft magazine to publish. Since Leonie is a very busy lass: presenting, crafting and jumping off airplanes (wink) so she gave me her blessing to post on her behalf and reply to this query. Thanks Leonie, I hope I won't make a fool of myself.

To be honest I've only had one feature about me on a magazine about Men crafters and one card being published in a forthcoming book, my main experience was having my samples used by various companies on Ideal World/Create & Craft. But since I believe that craft magazine editors must have the same requirements as craft companies I thought I would write about what I know as the same skills are transferrable to any exercise of being published.

Now the way you can approach an editor is by letter or email, but I asked one lady I'm acquainted with who is already published : Paula Pascual.

And here what the lovely Paula had to say about her own experience.
Hi Fabrizio
Well, the way I got into Crafts Beautiful was because my friends suggested I send stuff. I prepared a selection of 6-8 cards in sets of 3/4 that coordinated together by technique or colour theme. They were some of my best to that date and really showcased what I liked to do to the best of my abilities. Ie, my unique point of view. I would recommend to label them all with full name and address on the back and write up something about the person who has made them.
I only did that once, the rest came knocking at my door. Lucky me, I suppose.

Take care, Paula
Please, rest assured I had Paula's permission to publish her tip on this blog !
It also helps to have a blog of your own as I know for certain that Editors 'blog hop' to get new ideas and feel about new trends and usually will approach you if they want some of your cards on their mags. I received such invitation out of the blue from Let's make cards as they were doing a men crafter feature last year.

I would personally contact by email each editor from each magazine (remember some publishers have several craft mags) and ask them if they're looking for new submissions and what kind of work they're looking for. If you have blog going showing your cards it will work for you as you can put it  under your signature. Make sure you take good pictures of your cards and that they are clearly lit.

I've shown on one of my blogs how to take pictures of cards 

Also I have it on good standing that Editors like when people create cards with the current supplies (stamps, new markers etc....) as like fashion they like not to be left behind with the current popular trends.

My last tip is don't get disheartened if you get refusals, they're not saying NO, they're actually saying 'not right now' ! :)

Well I did some research and found for you lot the main publishers in the UK and their websites:

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Tip from Joanne

Hi there Leonie,
This tip is a bit silly but is designed to end a decade and start another one with a positive crafty attitude.
Most of us crafters simply love gorgeous printed papers whether 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, A4 or whatever size is in their craft box or cupboard. However, what we don't like is using them.
Well crafters, follow this simple space-saving tip:


Happy New Year everyone.
Luv Joanne xx

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tip from Gina

Hi Leonie, I just found your site by accident..........and have been here for the past couple of hours!!! I have a couple of tips for you that i came across by accident.

Tip 1 :; When you've removed all your peel-offs from the backing sheet, you have the bits that divide the strips left. These can sometimes be used as peel-offs in their own right, as long as they are not too big or wide.

Tip 2 ::, I know it's probably a little late for this one now, but then again maybe not. Next time you go to your local supermarket, ( usually one of the bigger type stores)have a look around in the clothing section. At this time of year especially lots of them have loads of sparkly jewellery at very very low prices, ( I paid £2 for one of the necklaces!), which are just perfect for pulling to bits to get at the " jewels" in them. They give you lots of different sizes of the bigger gems/jewels that we find hard to get hold of, and are in lovely colours. That way you have lots of them, for little money, - and come "sale" time, they may be even cheaper! I Hope these help.

From Gini, aka molliesmum.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hilary's ribbons

This One's For Shopaholics!

Lots of clothes labels are attached by pretty ultra thin ribbons now, not the nasty kimball tags. I can't bear to bin these, and save them for card making.

Can you remember the days of going out in something new.......and having the prickly end of the kimball digging into you! Okay...I know I could have used scissors and removed it properly...but that's too grown up!

Love to you Crafters out there

Hilary aka Crafty Hils

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cigarette Filters

Okay, this was a weird one to use - but I was cleaning out the kitchen and found them from when Nicky used to smoke. Popped them in the bin, then fished a few back out again when I realised how useful they would be! Of course. And I haven't even used them for all the things I think they would be great for.

You can cut them into a point, brilliant for applying glue where you need a tiny or delicate amount.

They also pick up ink from your inkpad so you can draw and colour tint fantastically. They soak up water, so you can use them with mica powders to paint with! And there's loads in one box. Pop them on the end of a pricking tool or a tool with a crocodile clip to help hold them.

I used one cut length ways to create a Christmas Tree, by just sweeping ink picked up from the inkpad across my card. I then cut another one to a point, dipped it into water and picked up powders directly to paint with.

I then picked up glue with another one cut into a fine point, which I then popped my micro beads on.

These are great - I haven't even tried them with alcohol inks yet, but bet they are fab - and they are cheap!

Go forth and play........

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Staz on tip for Acrylic stamps

I learnt this tip quite some years ago. It works and saves pounds. Acrylic stamps don't really like being cleaned with StazOn cleaner. The ingredients in the cleaner eventually attack the acrylic. So, as a general rule, you are advised not to use Stazon ink pads with them. However, if you use a clear ordinary ink pad on the stamp first, then ink it up with your Stazon ink, you will be stamping your image with the Stazon ink but can clean your stamp with a baby wipe because the clear ink pad is the one in contact with the stamp. Easy peesy - if you can follow my rambling!!

Hope this is a neat enough tip for the blog.

Luv Joanne xx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tip from Dee

...just a little idea I tried recently...I used the advertising packaging as in the attached pic to make an atc... the little pictures, corners and text were just the right size for an atc! I really enjoyed making it especially as it was a spot of recycling! Daisy D are some of my nostalgic.