Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hilary's ribbons

This One's For Shopaholics!

Lots of clothes labels are attached by pretty ultra thin ribbons now, not the nasty kimball tags. I can't bear to bin these, and save them for card making.

Can you remember the days of going out in something new.......and having the prickly end of the kimball digging into you! Okay...I know I could have used scissors and removed it properly...but that's too grown up!

Love to you Crafters out there

Hilary aka Crafty Hils


  1. I agree, this is a great tip as you can get some lovely colours. I also recommend taking off the spare buttons from clothing, how many of us really end up sewing them on the front again?
    Plus big THANK YOU for my Blog Candy, it arrived today. So pretty papers n things :-)
    Regards from Jane.


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