Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cigarette Filters

Okay, this was a weird one to use - but I was cleaning out the kitchen and found them from when Nicky used to smoke. Popped them in the bin, then fished a few back out again when I realised how useful they would be! Of course. And I haven't even used them for all the things I think they would be great for.

You can cut them into a point, brilliant for applying glue where you need a tiny or delicate amount.

They also pick up ink from your inkpad so you can draw and colour tint fantastically. They soak up water, so you can use them with mica powders to paint with! And there's loads in one box. Pop them on the end of a pricking tool or a tool with a crocodile clip to help hold them.

I used one cut length ways to create a Christmas Tree, by just sweeping ink picked up from the inkpad across my card. I then cut another one to a point, dipped it into water and picked up powders directly to paint with.

I then picked up glue with another one cut into a fine point, which I then popped my micro beads on.

These are great - I haven't even tried them with alcohol inks yet, but bet they are fab - and they are cheap!

Go forth and play........


  1. Wicked!!! lol!!!
    Just love the Christmas Tree! xx

  2. Wow, who would have thought you could do all that with those filters, thanks for sharing Leonie :)


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