Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Staz on tip for Acrylic stamps

I learnt this tip quite some years ago. It works and saves pounds. Acrylic stamps don't really like being cleaned with StazOn cleaner. The ingredients in the cleaner eventually attack the acrylic. So, as a general rule, you are advised not to use Stazon ink pads with them. However, if you use a clear ordinary ink pad on the stamp first, then ink it up with your Stazon ink, you will be stamping your image with the Stazon ink but can clean your stamp with a baby wipe because the clear ink pad is the one in contact with the stamp. Easy peesy - if you can follow my rambling!!

Hope this is a neat enough tip for the blog.

Luv Joanne xx


  1. Brilliant tip, that really solves a problem, thank you.
    Love Diane

  2. What a fabulous tip! Thanks Joanne,
    Sandra x


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