Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Grasses and spritzing

I saw an article recently in the Craft Stamper which I really liked, and meant to try but never got round to it - so nows the perfect excuse.

Easy to do, but messy and fun. Pick some lovely dried grasses, seed heads, interesting branches etc. You want something that looks interesting, but your collecting freebies - so this is the perfect time to really experiment and play.

Hold you seed head to your card, try to get it as flat as possible to your card, and spritz. I used a couple of colours - try lots of different spritzers, from shimmery ones to the plain dyes.

Allow them to dry naturally, then you have a lovely image to make into your card. I made it very plain and simple as I didn't want to take the emphasis from my image.

Spritz away.

Sorry, my photo wasn't very clear - the shimmer was very shimmery and my light to bright.



  1. This is such a fabulous idea, I will certainly be looking out for some interesting bits in the garden. Any chance you can say which spritz spray you used or am I able to make my own with Tim Holtz inks.?

  2. what a good idea, leonie. it might even encourage me to get out and do some much overdue gardening (groan) to collect some seed heads.

  3. Lovely card Leonie and what a great technique. I now know what I'll be doing at the weekend. xxx Hazel.


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