Sunday, 1 November 2009


Just a little note to outline our aim for this blog. Obviously to have fun - goes without saying, but we thought it would be good to have somewhere to share idea's on how we are/what we are doing to save time and money when crafting and creating. I always say I'm abit of a "tight" crafter, and someone asked me to pop my tips on a blog - so viola, here it is.

Of course I know everyone has tips, idea's and suggestions - so make this the place to share them with everyone else. "The critical collective cutting corner crib"

So, what do we want? Things you do to save a penny or two. Tips on saving time. Recycling "stuff". You suggestions which you know other folk would just consider "tight".

Share, learn and have fun.


  1. I am very tight with my stash, particularly on die cutting, use every scrap of paper. I keep a stiff standing bag that is over 12" wide/height the sort of bag you get posh clothes in. I throw all my scraps in..half worked on bits, as well as off cuts of die cutting, stuff that went wrong, lo's that did not go anywhere, interesting magazine and any paper images, stampings and die cuts that did not work. Often when you look at something again say, a stamp that you thought did not quite work, other ideas can form in making it into a different image or background. Say if the stamp is faint can be a ghostly misty background. True scrap-ing that adds an intersting dimention to your we say nothing is's scrap!

  2. What a great idea, Leonie. Looks good too - very Tim Holtzesque. It takes me back to when we used to edge the children's maps with ripping and tea stains to make their school history projects look authentically aged.

    You are the 'come in handy' crafter, Lesley. I have to confess I only store reasonable-sized scraps nowadays - teeny-tiny goes out and I say that saves me Time. No wondering what to do with it, just fling. Not very eco-friendly of me but I do save lots of good-sized scraps.


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