Sunday, 1 November 2009

Time for Tea

My first post is probably something all of us have thought about, or had a go at, and it's something that I was inspired to do again as we are using tea leaves at the moment, and I hate just throwing them away. Tea of course has it's distinctive colouring - which is great for dying your papers and cardstock.

Take wet tea leaves and leave them on your card to dry. The longer left, or the wetter the leaves, then the darker the shade you can obtain. Alternatively you can pop your left over tea (without the milk), into a spritzer bottle. Mix with some pearlescent powder if you want a shimmer, and spritz. The more layers of tea you spritz, the darker tone can be achieved.

If you want an even finish, allow the spritzed tea to dry natural, if you want something more startling try drying with a heat tool:

Step one, spritz the tea so you have puddles on your card:

Using your heat gun, force the puddles into the card, and hold that position so the drip doesn't fly off around the cardstock:

The place the tea is forced to dry in will result in a darker result - keep spritzing and drying until you are happy with the result. You can of course "chase the drip", all over your card and you will get veins of colour - looks ace.

The samples below show the various depths of colour that can be achieved - just with a good ole cuppa!

The resulting card can then be used for the perfect backing material for all your cardmaking and stamping projects - just the job for that distressed look (on the cheap!)


  1. Hi Leonie
    Love the new blog and the top tips! I would have just rubbed the tea bag over the card so your tip of putting the tea leaves in a mister bottle with some shimmer is fantastic! You have continued to inspire me over the last 2 years since I started blogging for your Friday challenges. I must try this technique - anyone for a cuppa?!

    I also like how you have listed your C&C dates on the side. I hope they repeat you on a Saturday morning for us girls who can't watch in the week! I'm so excited for you!!!

  2. This is a great tip hun thanks :) Some of my buddies use coffee granules as well to colour their card.
    Sam x

  3. Looks great Leonie, will have a go! I have used coffee granules before too so you have the added advantage that your work smells lovely as well! xx

  4. Great tip Leonie. I haven't used tea to craft for ages.... I think I made some Pirate treasure maps for a project ages ago
    Fantastic idea for a new blog.... just what we all need in these struggling times.
    Big Hugs
    Sandra x


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